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Best Value Chem Hiring For SAP PP - QM


Best Value Chem Hiring For SAP PP – QM

Best Value Chem Hiring For SAP PP - QM

Best Value Chem Hiring For SAP PP – QM

POSITION: SAP PP – QM Specialist

Experience: 03 years  

Job Summary:

As the SAP PP QM Specialist at BEST VALUE CHEM PVT LTD, you will be responsible for leveraging your expertise to enhance our SAP PP and QM modules, driving continuous improvement in our production and quality management systems. You will collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, ensuring efficient SAP PP-QM integration and maintaining the highest quality standards across our operations.


–         Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field or equivalent work experience.

–         Proven experience with SAP PP and QM modules.

–         Strong knowledge of SAP Quality Management (QM) processes and Quality Notifications (QNs).

–         Solid understanding of production planning and quality control principles.

–         Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

–         Effective communication and collaboration abilities.

–         Knowledge of chemical industry regulations and standards is a plus.

–         SAP certification in PP and/or QM is preferred.

If you are a dedicated SAP PP QM Specialist with a passion for ensuring top-tier product quality and process efficiency, we invite you to join BEST VALUE CHEM PVT LTD and be a part of our mission to deliver excellence in the chemical manufacturing industry. Apply today to contribute your expertise to our team and help us maintain our commitment to quality and innovation.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Quality Management:

 Implement and maintain SAP Quality Management (QM) processes to monitor and control product quality. Oversee quality inspections, testing, and compliance with industry standards and regulations.

2. Production Planning Integration:

Integrate SAP Production Planning (PP) and QM modules to optimize production scheduling and resource allocation. Ensure seamless alignment between production orders and quality control activities.

3. Quality Notifications (QNs):

Manage and resolve Quality Notifications (QNs) within the SAP QM module. Collaborate with relevant teams to investigate and address quality issues promptly.

4. Data Analysis and Reporting:

Analyse quality data to identify trends and opportunities for improvement. Generate reports and KPIs to evaluate and communicate quality performance.

5. Process Optimization:

 Identify areas for process optimization and efficiency enhancements within SAP PP QM.

 Implement best practices to improve operational efficiency and quality control.

6. Training and Documentation:

 Provide training to end-users on SAP PP QM processes and functionalities.

 Maintain comprehensive documentation related to SAP PP QM procedures and configurations.

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