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Hikal Hiring For BE in Chemical Engineering - Production


Hikal Hiring For BE in Chemical Engineering – Production

Hikal Hiring For BE in Chemical Engineering - Production

Hikal Hiring For BE in Chemical Engineering – Production 

Position: Officer

Work Location: Panoli, Gujarat, India

Degree Level: B.E. in Chemical Engineering

Job Description


Manage the implementation of Hikal policies and maintain the discipline standards with the organization as desired / acceptable by the stakeholders.

Shall remain prepared for all possible emergency situations and responding to them as per the Emergency Management Plan. No avoidable EHS incidents

Shall be responsible to maintain the high discipline standards within the team members as desired by the organization.

Achieve the departmental objectives / targets and Environment Management Plan set by the management.

Receipt and verification of all raw materials and packing materials for daily shift production.

Shifting and storage of Raw Material, Packing Material and Finished Goods to pre-designated areas at defined storage condition as per specification.

Raw materials, packing materials, Intermediates and Finished products reconciliation records updating.

Online Batch production and control records and logs updating related to daily shift production activities.

All types of work permit and job card management/supervision during the shift hours.

Maintaining the equipment and area clean and operate the process in hygienic manner, shop floor housekeeping as per predefined standard operating procedure (SOP).

Immediate recording and reporting of any deviations or violation of standard parameters.

Work allotment to subordinates and supervisors involved in shift production activities.

Ensure the Compliance of GMP and continuous improvement in Quality of product and process. Ensuring timely review and submission of GMP documents to quality assurance department.

Train and guide the subordinate team members for continuous improvement in quality standards.

Ensure the quality systems such as change controls, deviations and compliant handling are in place and are followed in time.

Achieve the production targets and timeline of deliveries without deviating the desired quality specification.

Scheduled monitoring and maintenance of the health of equipment to get the maximum utilization for production.

Shall ensure effective implementation and maintenance of QMS, EMS, OHSAS and Inventory management system.

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