Best Value Chem Job Vacancy For EHS Officer

Best Value Chem Job Vacancy For EHS Officer

Job Availables,Best Value Chem Job Vacancy For EHS Officer
Best Value Chem Job Vacancy For EHS Officer

EHS Officer

(KAR W )
Job Description
Adequate knowledge of Legal Documentation.
Preparation of Form-4, Form-5, Monthly Patrak.
Be aware of significant environmental aspects associated with their EHS department and related operational control procedures to be followed.
Trouble shooting of existing ETP plant.
HIRA & Aspect impact registers study of process.
Good manufacturing process & 5S implementation system.
Preparation of Compliance Report, Environment Audit Report, Water and Air Monitoring.
Conduct ETP Observations to monitor effluent quality & make recommendation for improvement.
Maintain records of ETP & MEE plant operation

Preparation of Hazardous Waste Manifest in XGN Site and maintain the data.
Set up of Environmental Laboratory & Lab Analysis for different parameters of Water & Waste water like COD, BOD, MLVSS, pH, MLSS, MLVSS, Total Hardness, and Chlorides etc.
Maintaining Documents as per OHSAS 45001 & ISO 14001.
Prepare & revise of Legal Register, On-site emergency plan, EHS Policy, Safety Manual, Departmental Objective, SOP, Work instruction, Checklist etc. & updating of the same.
Organizing Internal / external OHSAS 45001 & ISO 14001 Audit & Compliance to Audit recommendations.
Carry out JSA, HIRA & EAI & participate in HAZOP study.
Schedule & Conduct the Safety Training like Induction, OHSAS Awareness etc. for new comer company & contractor’s employee & also conduct the Tool- box Talk/On Site Training before starting any of new activity.
Carry-out plant safety inspection and intimate and follow-up to respective dept for immediate corrective action. 
Investigate all type of incidents (Near Miss / Minor injury / Major injury/ property damage) & recommend corrective & preventive actions (CAPA).
Calculate & Maintain the Safety Statistics data like FR, SR & IR etc.
Conducting Emergency Evacuation & Mock-drill on planed scenario like Fire & Explosion, Gas leak, Insect biting, Structure collapse etc.
Strictly implementation of Work Permit Systems & Procedures.
Ensuring inspection & testing as per Factory Act/GFR of pressure vessel, Hoist And lift, Lifting Tools/tackles and dangerous machinery through competent person.
Organize safety & Environment awareness & motivation programs like safety quiz, safety week celebration, road safety, PPE’s campaigning, National safety day, fire day, world environment day etc.
Prepare Annual Safety Budget.

Ensuring Use, procurement & maintenance Of P.P.E.
Any specific task given by EHS dept.
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